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 2017年、プロダクトブランド KLON は、製品の持つ逃れられないCLONE(クローン)としての宿命と、語源である KLoN (クローン)のもつ、
植物の枝分かれのように脈々と受け継がれる多種多様な個性を融合させ、シンプルで個性的なプロダクトを目指し『 KLON (クローン)』と名付け、発足致しました。

CLONE (clone) famous in the world of movies and sci-fi. Although it is a strong CLONE meaning of copies,
It means exactly an aggregate of individuals with identical origins and uniform genetic information. Originally the origin was the Greek word KLoN,
Originally the meaning refers to the branching of plants or the aggregation of twigs with some theories, but originally it was not a word that describes the reproduction.
Cloning in the product (CLONE) is a fundamental idea of ​​the way a product exists in the world,
Of course, mass-produced products must be "individuals with identical origins and uniform genetic information" The word clone is the most suitable for products and it is ecological that is harmless to anyone.
In 2017, the product brand KLON has a fate as product CLONE (clone) that can not be escaped and KLoN (clone)
It has been launched, named " KLON (clone) " aiming for a simple and distinctive product, by fusing a variety of individualities that are inherited like vegetation branches.